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Annual Report 2014


2014 is the first year of the implementation of our 5-year strategic plan which is now fully operational and is guiding the work of the center. This year was particularly important for us as family farmers, who are the target of our activities, were celebrated by the international community. As part of this celebration of small scale farmers, we took part in a number of regional and international initiatives such as the "Do Agric" campaign piloted by ONE in which ACED was an official partner.

Strategic Plan 2014-2018


In recent years, ACED has implemented several actions both in agriculture and adaptation to climate change, but these actions lacked a clear policy framework. This strategic plan sets the strategic direction and positioning of the institution in the medium term (2014-2018).

Annual Report 2013


2013 has been a period of great achievements and major advances for ACED. The organization has made key activities and forged new partnerships. Institutional improvements are also performed. 

The organization's activities revolved around the capacity building of youth in agribusiness, efforts to reduce greenhouse gases emitted by water hyacinth and studies on the impact of climate change and variability on some key sectors.

Rapport de fin d'études à l'ISTOM


Etude de faisabilité d’un projet de compostage de la jacinthe d’eau dans la commune de Sô-Ava.


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