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What does the fisherman want?


Despite its contribution to the livelihoods of more than 300,000 individuals, to food security and nutrition in Benin, the fishery sector receives less attention from research and policymakers compared to other agricultural sectors. A study conducted among 1,066 inland fishers (including 227 fisherwomen) provided critical information about their activities, vulnerability, resilience and water sharing rules.

Food insecurity prevails among 32 per cent of fishermen

Capitalizing stories of change during the research process


A story of change is any intended or unintended change which happened either in the research results and/or during the research process. A story of change allows (i) to explore and demonstrate change, (ii) to track all small changes or steps towards impact, and (iii) to reflect and investigate factors that enable or constrain the change to occur.

Annual Report 2016


2016, the third year of ACED's Strategic Plan, was filled out with activities and achievements.

Master: Biophysical vulnerability of Coastal areas in Benin


The coastal zones are vulnerable to the climatic changes effects which affect the globe since decades. This topic aims to better apprehend the physical aspects of the vulnerability of districts of, Grand-Popo and Ouidah, coastal zones exposed to climatic changes and their effects.


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