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Producing biogas from water hyacinth


The municipality of Sô-Ava in southern Benin, faces a high energy demand. Meeting this demand will reduce deforestation, promote climate change mitigation and improve women's living conditions.
This project aims to produce energy (biogas) from water hyacinth and household organic waste, and use this renewable energy source to substitute firewood used by the population.


To do this, two phases have been defined for the project:

Phase 1: Technical and economic feasibility study to define and size the concept of recycling water hyacinths and organic waste and use of biogas

Phase 2: Installation of pilot units including organic waste collection, installation of a biogas plant, distribution of biogas and recycling of digestate

Expected outcome

This project will develop and demonstrate the potential of biogas production from water hyacinth and organic waste.

The project is implemented in partnership with the Swiss firm EREP and funded by the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Promotion in International Cooperation - REPIC.